About Velma-ARC

Velma-ARC is a cybercrime intervention project of Velma Foundation, the CSR arm of Velma Consulting and Professional Services.

Ultimate Objective of the Intervention:

The project is premised on the understanding that putting cybercriminals in prison will not stop the spread of the crime. A focus on their primary motivation and disincentivizing cybercrimes would produce better results in eradicating it.

Carla Ceravolo, one of our directors and a victim of Nigerian cyberfraud, believes that it is better to stop Nigerian youths from committing crimes than to put them in prison because when we put criminals in prison, the victims suffer, and the criminals too. But if we help them repent and contribute positively to the society, we would have saved a potential victim and prevented a potential incarceration while creating a better society.

Velma-ARC advocacy drive therefore focuses on encouraging cybercriminals to repent and use their skills in contributing positively to the society. This advocacy will continue until cybercrime is eradicated in Nigeria.

Ultimately, we will advocate for an amnesty regime for cybercriminals in Nigeria (subject to terms and conditions), so that current actors would be encouraged to down tools and consider a behavioural change.

Velma-ARC Project

Social Integration Bootcamp aimed at rehabilitating cybercriminals


To champion the out-and-out purge of cybercrime from Nigeria, thereby reclaiming the nation's reputation as a great nation with good people.


To instigate genuine repentance of cybercriminals, reconcile them with law enforcers, and give them hope for a better life. To clamour for amnesty for truly remorseful and repentant cybercriminals, rehabilitate them, and help them contribute positively to the society through skill acquisition and optimization.

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